“Hey man! I just booked you a wedding!” were the words I heard that signalled my start in professional photography. They were spoken in 2003 by a photographer friend of mine, who had been training me in photography for about two years by that time. I was totally caught off guard! I admitted I wasn’t sure if I knew how, to which he replied, “Better learn, man!”

So I did!

From that abrupt intro into photographing weddings, I learned to be in the moment, and shoot from the hip. My favorite style of photography is a more photojournalistic “fly on the wall” approach–having a quiet eye and steady hand help me to capture intimate, spontaneous moments as they happen. I like to keep things natural looking and genuine, and I mostly shoot with available light, when I can.

In addition to wedding work, I also do a lot of portraiture and commercial work.

Thanks for your interest in my photography. I enjoy what I do, and I hope you do too!

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